Drone Services

Drone Inspection Services

Drones in many ways change the way we approach our inspection programs. Through several partners, InServe Mechanical Integrity Group provides exceptional UAV services that include Visual Inspection, Photography, Videography, & 3D Modeling. Our development team can create a customized program to fit your organization’s needs. Our Drone Pilots are experienced FAA-Certified professionals who have a background rooted in excellence and are ready to serve you. InServe uses the most advanced UAV systems on the market today and are constantly looking for ways to increase the value of our services to our clients. UAV’s are a powerful tool that when combined with InServe inspection methodologies, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your program.

Allow InServe to Serve you for your inspection needs!

Drone Based Inspection Services - Inserve Mechanical Integrity

InServe MIG Drone Services Include:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UTT)
  • 3D Modeling
  • High Resolution Leak Detection
  • Thermography/IR
  • Photography and Videography
  • Flare Stack Inspection
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Environmental Leak Detection
  • Heater Stack Inspection
  • Underground/Above Ground Large Diameter Pipe Inspection
  • Tower Inspection
  • Tank Farm Inspection