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6 Incredible Benefits of Regular Industrial Tank Inspections

InServe Mechanical Integrity Group industrial tank inspections

6 Incredible Benefits of Regular Industrial Tank Inspections

The environmental protection agency estimates there are over 700,000 bulk above-ground storage tanks spread across the nation. Industrial tank inspections are critical in the operation of any facility. While the tanks and vessels are engineered to withstand extreme weather patterns, if left unchecked they can leak.

Plant managers need to plan for proactive assessment of the tank’s structural integrity. Adhering to strict maintenance and inspection schedules is one way to ensure optimal safety and efficiency of the tanks. Here are six advantages of hiring industrial tank inspection services.

1. Regulatory Compliance

Regular storage tank inspections enable plant operators to maintain full compliance to set guideline and regulations. Above-ground tanks inspections need to adhere to industry standards such as ASNT, NRCan NDTCB and API QUSE. You also need to follow federal laws and local state codes. RBI inspection companies such as Inserve Mechanical Group can provide highly accurate and unbiased reports about the condition of your storage tanks. Above ground tank owner/operators need to adhere to industry standards such as API-653, API-580, PSM and RMP as well as local and state jurisdictional requirements. Inspection companies that specialize in RBI such as InServe Mechanical Group can provide

2. Mitigate Environmental Risks

There is a growing emphasis on environmental protection and preservation by large corporations. Corrosion, poor welding and UV degradation may lead to leaks in your storage tanks. Industrial tanks and vessel leaks can cause severe environmental contamination. The accidents might also come with punitive penalties, and most industries may never recover from the reputation damage. Industrial tank inspections can help you identify structural flaws early on and allow you to create remediation strategies before a catastrophe occurs.

3. Structural Integrity

Industrial tanks need regular NDE inspections to identify any cracks, dents, warps and corrosion that may affect their structural integrity. Chemical corrosion is a huge concern for many industries. It is estimated that corrosion costs the Department of Defense approximately $5 billion annually.

Industrial tank inspections can provide comprehensive reports on deterioration caused by corrosion. The information can help plant managers create lifecycle plans for their tanks and vessels.

4. On-site Safety

Risk-based inspections can help you assess the structural integrity of your tanks. This helps prevent accidents within your plant.

You can identify areas of concern from the random checks and create repair schedules. Prompt repair and maintenance achieved through on-time inspections can help protect your staff and the public living in the surrounding area.

5. Fewer Downtime Interruptions

Damaged tanks can lead to a severe loss of productivity through product contamination and lost production time. Modern technologies allow for NDI inspections that will enable you to carry out a long-term assessment of your tanks without interrupting your workflow. You may not have to shut down your operations to manage irreparable damage to your tanks. You can identify credible damage mechanisms early and create the necessary mitigation measures.

6. Saves Money

Comprehensive testing and inspections for your tanks can be an extremely effective way of saving on repair costs. Industrial tank inspections help companies identify areas of risk and repair before a leak occurs. Corrosion and contamination may lead to loss of product, which can be expensive for the company. Besides, in many cases NDT inspections means you do not have to take your equipment offline

Neglecting industrial tank inspections can be costly for any company. If you are looking for a better way to inspect the integrity and safety of your above-ground storage tanks, consider calling in Inserve Mechanical Group. Our team of experts can help organize for scheduled inspections and testing to keep your tanks in great shape all year round.

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