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Partnered Services

Our partnership with world-class global engineering firms helps us improve our service offerings by allowing us to provide turnkey services and support without increasing costs.

Storage Tank Inspections

InServe’s Engineering Group provides industries around the world with cost-effective strategies for managing the integrity, safety, and reliability of their assets. In partnership with our clients, we develop a systematic and customized approach for ensuring the integrity of equipment, piping, and tanks throughout their life cycle.

Facilities need well-maintained assets to prevent unnecessary downtime, safety issues, and adverse environmental effects. InServe’s engineering services help protect your assets so they perform safely and sustainably.

Our experts are so effective because their backgrounds and certifications have provided them with an extensive overview of the entire engineering and production process. They have a finely tuned sense of how all the components work together.

Our engineering services help facilities prevent equipment failure, perform preventative maintenance to extend the lifespan of equipment, and implement measures that improve safety for employees and communities. Our understanding of damage mechanisms, risk-based inspection, and industry best practices makes our services an essential resource for facility owners, managers, operators, manufacturers, and other personnel.


Shaping the Future

Technology-based intellectual services to help plan, design, supervise, and build.


Storage Tank Inspections

Asset Management

Coatings & Linings

Maintenance & Repair

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Our Newest Award

We are proud to be recognized for our superior safety and happy to announce we’ve received Highwire’s Gold Safety Award. This award is presented to companies that register a safety score 85-95% in the Safety Assessment Program administered by Highwire.

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We have the staff and certifications for large scale refineries and plants.

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