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Intelligent Access for Innovative Solutions

intelligent access

Intelligent Access for Innovative Solutions

InServe Intelligent Access

InServe’s Intelligent Access services aim to provide innovative solutions for clients. Each method below is intended to equip facilities in surveying equipment to review their current condition and evaluate their overall reliability.

The goal is to provide efficient solutions that decrease the cost of inspection by reducing labor, downtime, and more. InServe’s specialists will be glad to review your needs and offer the best solutions adapted to your needs.

***Considering the events following the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the solutions below are great solutions to decrease the amount of personnel needed on-site and reduce the risk of exposure to your personnel. We aim to provide turn-key services that will reduce interaction with your team members to minimal exposure***


InServe is aware that while the other potential solutions detailed below are efficient and well worth considering, sometimes the obvious solution is what makes more sense for a client.

After a detailed review, InServe’s specialist may determine that scaffolding is the most cost-effective solution. The key to remember is that with InServe you always have cost-effective options.


Originated from the Department of Defense, the use of drones has revolutionized the approach for industrial inspection in many industries. Drones have changed the way we approach traditional inspections.

InServe has partners with Commercial Certified Remote Pilots operate under FAA rules that can safely and efficiently perform visual inspections of your assets. The equipment used by InServe provides solutions for external and internal visual inspection as well as Non-Destructive Testing of your assets. See InServe’ s comprehensive list of services offered HERE.

 Rope Access

The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) highlights that the extensive training and strict work guidelines make rope access an “unrivaled safe working solution” for enterprises requiring work from heights.

The clear advantage is that InServe can perform evaluations of your assets without requiring the usual preparation of erecting scaffoldings or having your contractors climb through dangerous pipe rack structures. Having InServe’s specialized team on your site will reduce the amount of personnel required for the overall scope of work, reduce the work hours, and as a result, operational downtime. Such solutions are highly cost-effective.


When the condition permits, the use of divers may allow InServe’s team to inspect Pressure Vessels and Storage tanks without requiring the client to relocate the non-toxic liquids stored. The relocation of large volumes of products requires the availability of either disposing of or providing temporary storage equipment and is time-consuming.

This solution is therefore advantageous in several cases, such as a water tank purposed for fire protection of the facility’s assets. In this example, downtimes are reduced to the time of inspection.

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

The use of robotics in inspection is also a growing innovative solution InServe thrives to provide to clients. While several possibilities are available, one of the most groundbreaking solutions is the use of a diving robot that can perform internal inspections of your Pressure Vessels and Storage Tanks while retaining their content. In situations where the product is considered toxic, or at least potentially hazardous for a diver, robots can perform the task without risk.

For more information, to complete an assessment of your needs, or for a customized approach to your inspection challenges please contact our Experts!

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